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We care about a cleaner environment and are increasing our efforts to make recycling in your area easier and more convenient.

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Curbside Recycling Pickup

Trust us to keep your office running smoothly with our reliable trash pickup and recycling services. We specialize is solving waste management solutions so you can focus on your business.

  • Eugene, Springfield, Veneta, and Creswell commingle recycling pickup
    We offer a blue 95 gallon cart for curbside comingle recycling service in the city limits of Springfield and Eugene. Recycling is picked up on an every other week schedule.

    We also offer a 14 gallon blue box for glass recycling, picked up on the same schedule as your recycling.
  • Recycling outside of the city limits
    Please contact the office for recycling services specific to your address.

What can I recycle?

Only the following clean items are accepted in your blue 95 gallon commingle recycling cart:

Plastic – All #1 and #2 plastics in the shape of a bottle, jug, or jar that’s larger than a tennis ball.
Cardboard – flattened, and empty pizza boxes (excludes waxed cardboard and frozen foods packaging)
Paper – newspapers, phonebooks, magazines, junk mail and computer paper.
Metal – food and beverage containers.

Only clean, unbroken glass bottles or jars are accepted in your blue 14 gallon glass recycle box.

Battery Disposal

Incorrect Battery Disposal Can Cause Fires

Common household items seem harmless, however, the batteries in them pose risks when disposed into regular garbage or recycling containers because of their highly flammable nature.

  • Remove the batteries

    Check the electronic devices you need to dispose of. If possible, remove the batteries. If not, bring the whole device to the drop off location.
  • Store batteries in a safe place

    Store batteries in non-metallic containers (plastic, cardboard, or glass) that do not conduct electricity if there is a spark.
  • Find your local drop off

    Find a local electronic disposal store, or find a drop off location near you.